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The Raw Food Diet - What Foods Can You Eat?

Have you heard about the raw food diet? This entails eating foods that are not cooked. It is popular with vegetarians, vegans and those who want to consider themselves to be food purists.


There are concerns about the raw food diet when it comes to meats and poultry as consuming them raw can be hazardous to your health. If not prepared right, it can expose you to Salmonella, a potentially deadly condition. There are some concerns about vegetables as well with regard to Salmonella which is why it is so important to wash foods carefully before consumption or even preparation.

Some of the foods that you can eat on the raw food diet that will not expose you to salmonella in normal circumstances are vegetables, fruits and nuts. These are all safe to consume raw and also provide various nutritional values. Nuts can be difficult to digest but they are an excellent source of protein. Just be sure that you chew them thoroughly. Although most nuts are roasted, you can eat nuts raw.

Fruits are usually eaten raw and are always better for you in this manner. Most people prefer to cook vegetables instead of eating them raw, but this negates some of their nutritional value. Eating raw vegetables is safe and healthy. The most popular of all raw vegetables to eat are celery, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, radishes, turnip and green leafy vegetables. If you do not dress these vegetables, they are perfect for the raw food diet.

You should always wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them, especially if you are consuming them raw. There are some fruit and vegetable washes that are on the market as well that can kill any germs.

Salmon is one fish that can be eaten raw and is popular in many sushi dishes. Shrimp is another fish that is also popular to eat raw. Make sure you wash these fishes carefully before consuming them raw. Other fish can be dangerous to eat without cooking which is why you will mostly see salmon and shrimp on most store bought sushi platters.

Hamburger can be eaten raw although it is not advisable. Steak Tartar is a delicacy that not only involves raw hamburger, but also a raw egg on top of it - a virtual tribute to Salmonella. And speaking of eggs, although you may have seen athletes down raw eggs in an attempt to get fit, like in the movie "Rocky," this is not advisable as you are risking Salmonella.

Most people who try the raw food diet eat about 80 percent of their foods raw and then cook other foods without oils to kill any potential germs. It is never safe to eat non pasteurized milk or dairy products, which is one of the reasons pasteurization was invented.


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