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What Is The Raw Food Diet?

The raw food diet combines not only weight loss ideology but also concentrates on a healthier way of eating. It also aids with your digestive tract. The raw food diet is far from a new fad as cultures long ago ate their food raw.


When you eat vegetables raw, you retain the nutrients that are in the vegetables. Cooking the vegetables often lessens their nutritional quality. In addition, many people cook vegetables in butter or oil which adds saturated fat to their diets that they do not need.

The concept of the raw food diet is mostly used to lose weight. It is a derivative of the culture of food purists who believe in eating food in its most original state. This can be very dangerous if you are talking about meats, poultry or non pasteurized milks or dairy products. Early man may have eaten raw food, but his lifespan was also about 30 years old.

Most people who try the raw food diet will consume the bulk of their calories with raw food such as fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are preferable to eat when raw and can be very filling. On top of that, they provide your body with antioxidants designed to keep your body healthy.

When consuming the raw food diet, you may eat sushi, although to many people, raw seafood is an acquired taste. Many people who eat sushi that they purchase in a store are really eating cooked fish such as shrimp. Salmon can be eaten raw if it has been cured and can be implemented in the raw food diet, although you should be wary of its preparation. Cooking food does eliminate some nutrients, but it also eliminates bacteria.

Instead of jumping into the raw food diet, you should go into it slowly. Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, clean them well and consume them for about 80 percent of your calorie intake. As you need protein, you will need to consume either meats, fish, poultry, legumes, nuts or eggs as a form of protein. Nuts can be eaten raw and give you the protein that you need without any sort of health risk. Eggs and meats should be cooked to avoid bacterial infections. Legumes are too hard to eat without boiling the down and softening them.

While nuts are good for you and you can, essentially, have all raw foods in your diet with this form of protein, you have to remember that nuts can be very difficult to digest. You should chew the nuts as much as possible to make it easy on your digestive tract. Almonds and walnuts are the best nuts to eat raw. Just make sure that you balance them with fruits that will aid with digestion.

The raw food diet allows you to eat all you want of raw foods so it has become a very popular diet with those who do not like to feel hungry when dieting as well as those who want to become vegetarians.


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