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The Raw Food Diet - Going Organic

The raw food diet is one that many people who are concerned not only with their weight but of the quality of the foods that they eat are choosing. Contrary to what you may think, the raw food diet does not require you to eat raw chicken or meat. Instead, it incorporates raw foods into the food choices. Foods such as vegetables, for example, that are often eaten cooked, are eaten raw instead on the raw food diet.


One way to get the real health benefits of the raw food diet is to combine organic foods with the diet. This means that instead of purchasing the regular fruits and vegetables that have been grown with dangerous chemicals, you can purchase organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the natural earth. By incorporating organic foods into your diet, you will not only lose weight with the raw food diet, but you will be much healthier.

When some people think of the raw food diet, they get confused and believe that they have to eat raw meats and poultry - this is not true. Most people who go on the raw food diet will substitute raw foods for about 80 percent of their diet. They will eat cooked poultry and fish but without fats that are often used to cook these foods. You can steam or broil fish and chicken so that it retains the proteins and is healthier to eat.

If you are a vegetarian, you may wish to substitute nuts or legumes for your proteins. This is perfectly healthy to do, although legumes must be soaked in water and cannot be eaten raw as they are far too hard. Nuts can be eaten raw and work well with the raw food diet, especially if the nuts are grown organically. When you consume nuts as protein, make sure that you chew them very fine so that they are easier to digest.

The raw food diet requires that you eat all your vegetables raw, a perfectly safe practice as long as they are washed. Eating raw vegetables will not only allow you to lose weight and stay full, but it gives you the benefit of the nutrients in the vegetables that are often lost when the vegetables have been cooked.

Eating raw fruits is always better than canned and are a great way to satisfy the sweet tooth. Instead of eating foods processed with sugars, you can satisfy this craving by consuming raw fruits.

When buying fruits and vegetables for the raw food diet, make sure that they have been organically grown. This will add to the benefit of the diet. Not only will you find that you lose weight easily and without going hungry, but you will also feel much healthier with the raw food diet.


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