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What Are Some Concerns About The Raw Food Diet?

When you hear "raw food diet" you may immediately feel concerned. After all, how can it be healthy to eat raw meat and poultry? The answer is simple - it isn't. It is never a good idea to eat raw meats. While red meat can be eaten raw, ala steak tartar, that chef had better know what he is doing when preparing that meal. Likewise with sushi. These are not foods that you want to make at home unless you really know what you are doing.


In most cases, those who go on the raw food diet are merely substituting raw fruits and vegetables for most of their calorie intake. The raw food diet appeals to vegetarians because it limit the amount of meats. Proteins can be taken as nuts, which can be eaten raw.

Many people who are what is known as "food purists" take the raw food diet to the extreme and consume un pasteurized milk and dairy. People often cite examples such as early man being a food purist and eating food in this manner. This is true, but early man was usually dead by the age of 35. Today, we understand how to avoid harmful infections that can come from ill prepared foods. One of them is Salmonella, an easy infection to get when you eat raw eggs or poultry.

Because of the foods scares today such as E-Coli, Mad Cow, and Salmonella, many people feel that getting back to nature and incorporating a raw food diet into their lives is the way to go. Many others feel that is morally wrong to eat animals. Vegetarians will not eat meat, although some will eat fish. Some take it a step further and become Vegans which means that they will not consume any animal products at all, which eliminates all dairy. In order to supplement for dairy, they drink soy milk and soy dairy which is actually easier on the digestive system.

If you are looking to lose weight with the raw food diet, you can do so. Eat as many raw vegetables as you want during the course of the day and three small servings of protein. Have fruits in moderation but make sure that you eat them raw. If you have meats or fish, make sure they are cooked to get rid of any germs. If you have nuts, try almonds or walnuts and make sure you chew them thoroughly as they can be difficult on the digestive system, although very healthy for your heart.

The raw food diet is something that you can try to lose weight or can a new way of eating. If you follow the raw food diet and eat raw vegetables, you will be consuming many nutrients that you need to stay healthy and strong.


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